In the digital information era, where AI technology is gaining it's popularity as generative process text tools such as ChatGPT and Bard have rapidly grown user base very fast since 2022. AI-generated content has become practically unstoppable. 

How to Transform AI Content into Humanized

AI content is inflatered everywhere, whether AI text is detectable or undetectable. However, we must acknowledge that we couldn't live without use of AI tools and generative text tool isn't bad unless if someone used to create spammy content, which can lead to penalties from Google, as seen in their major updates in 2023. 


Now the responsibility of AI detector should not be limited to detect AI produced content only but also to guide how we can improve AI-generated content and making it undetectable AI content with the adoption of human touch for writing tone and pattern in part of detected generative content. This approach make the AI detector not only identify the origin of text content whether it's from AI or written by a human but also provide in-depth insights into areas where ai-generated content needed improvement and make it humanized ai without use of any paid tools. It will help content writers, scholars, presentation makers to improve bot generated content by adding human touch in your writing and add writing tone where it needed.  There are many AI detection tools in the market for free and paid available. But when it comes to most accurate one, and Turnitin (which is not free) often come to mind. However, neither of them accurately balance between AI-generated and human-written content. This gap led us to introduce in order to bridge the gap. has its advanced algorithms to detect generative text produced by models such as ChatGPT, GPT4, LLM, and Jasper. While many AI detectors exist on the internet world, when seeking accuracy, there is very few tools such as or Turnitin (which is not free) come to in comparison space. But neither nor Turnitin can differentiate and guide to improve which part of AI-generated content needed improvement for human writing.


How does differentiate AI detection compare to 

The key difference in is that the detection is non-aggressive means it doesn't follow single method to analyze the content and neither it bias for AI Tools. Instead of testing the entire content at once, it tests individual sentences and first it's analyzing writing tone and pattern of each words to words of the sentences which results in the conclusion that if the content is really AI-generated or not. This approach reduces the possibility of Misinterpret or confusion in analyzing accuracy rate. Also, while is focused purely to content detection, offers other options such as sentiment analysis and instructions, to help the user to humanize where required. 

How to make it undetectable AI?

Now Let's go into a more practical view of how you can make your AI-generated content undetectable AI from infusing identical human writing style or use your unique writing style into sentences that identified for improvement needed.


Use AI detection tools

Use (Alternatively you can use to identify sections of content generated by AI models. The tool has detection capabilities to enable users to identify AI-generated content or parts.


Analyze and Assess Human Touch

Evaluate the detected AI-generated content to determine where a human touch is necessary. Consider factors such as tone, emotion, and personalization to enhance the authenticity of the content. 


Sentiment Analysis

Use sentiment analysis tool to determine the sentiment of your AI produced content. Add sentiment where necessary to craft a piece that makes your readers feel and engaged.


Replacement of AI text

Replace identified AI-generate sentences or modify few words with your writing style, carefully considered writing. Benefit from your skills and expertise to craft text that fits seamlessly with the remainder of the piece and maintains a natural flow. 


Revise till undetected

Keep making revisions and improvements until it get undetectable and human authenticity. Take into consideration what suggests and asks of you in AI detection result to add human touch in your writing.