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GPTZero is a free ai checker and ChatGPT detector tool that can check and detect AI Plagiarism in any kind of text content using our deep analyzing algorithm to identify AI patterns and the writing tone within the content.

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How to use GPTZero?

Our AI detection tool will predict results with accuracy and authenticity, and it will identify the origin of the text content whether it's generated from ChatGPT, Google Bard, LLaMa, other AI tools, OR written by a human.


Type, copy and paste, or upload a text file to check with AI.

Submit to Detect AI

Once you have done step1, simply click on the "Detect Origin" button.

Check Results

AI Checker will analyze the content using its AI detection algorithms.

GPTZero can check origin of the content
LLM Model
In-depth analysis Sentence By Sentence

Discover AI Detector
with Sentiment Analysis

Our AI detector dashboard developed with content writer in mind. GPTZero excels in providing the highest accuracy in AI text detection analysis and guides you to improve and maintain a human touch in your writing.

  • Identify AI/GPT generated content.
  • Detect human written text.
  • Sentence by sentence and sentiment analysis.
Use Cases

Who will benefit from AI content detector tool?

Use Chat GPT Zero to identify AI, GPT4, and ChatGPT generated content. It will help you to know which parts of your content need to improve and preserve the humanness in your writing.

Content Creators

Content creators and publishers can benefit from ChatGPT Detector to ensure the authenticity and integrity of their content. By detecting AI-generated text, they can maintain trust with their audience and uphold professional standards.

Academic and Research

Academic and research institutions rely on Chat GPT Detector to uphold academic integrity and prevent AI plagiarism. By identifying AI-generated content, educators and researchers can maintain the quality and originality of scholarly work.

Work projects

GPTZero Detector can detect the presence of GPT or AI generated content within your documents and allowing you to ensure the originality of your content and give you in detail analysis of your project for detected AI plagiarism and parts where AI detection suggests to improve.

Website SEO

GPTZero will help you improve website SEO by in-depth analysis of your content and differentiating between AI and human content. With this information, you will be able to make corrections to any detected AI text content and enhance your content quality to ensure there is no AI plagiarism present.

General Users

General users can benefit from AI Detector to identify AI-generated content across various online platforms. Whether they are consuming news articles, blog posts, or social media content, users can make informed decisions about the authenticity of the information they encounter.

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Why Use GPTZero?

GPTZero AI Content Detector offers most accurate AI detection tool for identifying various forms of AI written content whether it's articles, blog posts, product descriptions, educational submissions, or social media updates.

Content Authenticity

Making ensure the authenticity and origin of your content are not flagged by AI detector.
already use.

AI Plagiarism Check

Protect your content from being identified for AI plagiarism and copyright infringement by such AI detector tool.
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Quality Assurance

Maintain your content quality and credibility by filtering out AI generated text that may lack add value or relevance.

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How to use GPTZero to enhance AI content and make undetectable AI
22 April, 2024

How to use GPTZero to enhance AI content and make undetectable AI

Know how to enhance AI-generated content to make undetectable AI by use of free AI detector tool. GPTZero bridges the gap of AI and human writing,


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on GPTZero

GPTZero is the best AI detector with most reliable AI Content Detection technique used to detect  ChatGPT and GPT4 generated content. Our AI detection model uses advance machine learning and deep learning algorithm that figure out if a given text content was written by a real person or generated using AI/GPT model. It checks and detect AI plagiarism in content by looking how words are used, how sentences are structured, the writing tone and the overall feel of the writing to make its guess the origin of the content produced from Human or AI.

Yes. Chat GPT Zero is trained with a large dataset to spot patterns and text produced by GPT models like GPT3.5 or GPT3.5 Turbo and latest GPT4. We use advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze text thoroughly to ensure transparency and authenticity in the digital landscape.

Accuracy vary on AI detectors tool in detecting ChatGPT, GPT4, or any AI based content. While Chat GPT Detector still stand for accuracy at top most. We continuously improving it by training on more data to identify diverse AI text pattern and tones which used by major ai writing tool. AI content detector can often detect AI generated content with high accuracy. In the same time, there are some AI tools where it's advanced AI generated text used to manages paraphrase or even humanize the AI text content in human-like word to evade detection.

While GPT Detector is highly effective in detecting text generated by GPT models such as ChatGPT, GP4, and Bard AI along with LLaMa and Other AI Tools. But it may not able to capture for all AI tool. However, GPT Detector are continues to develop it's algorithm with a broader range of AI generated text.

Humanized AI content refers to text generated by same model of ChatGPT but promptly modified to sound more human-like. While this can make AI detection more challenging, our AI Content Detector is capable at recognizing patterns and characteristics of content generated by LLM model.

GPTZero.cc uses NLP method to detect AI text within content while competitors like ZeroGPT, Quillbot, ZeroGPT, CopyLeaks, Undetectable AI, Scribbr and other AI detector also does the similar task but they are limited for free use. We offer free AI detector tool to analyze text content and detect AI text without any limitations and much more faster results.

GPTZero has currently supports of English and French language only, and with more supporting languages coming in future updates.


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